How to get 10,000k+ twitter followers in a few Months

News 12:11 November 2019:

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Most people would like to be famous someday. Maybe it is the recognition that comes with fame, the money or the huge following on social media. But unless you are a super talented musician, a famous footballer or a Hollywood actor, your social media followers rarely go beyond the hundreds. However, there are several ways to gain thousands of followers even when you are no celebrity. For instance, did you know that the more you tweet the more likely you will get new and free likes and followers on twitter?
So, instead of tweeting only twice in a day, make twitter your new addiction for like three months and send as many but relevant tweets as you can. In fact, studies show that people with more than 10,000 tweets have more than 2000 twitter followers. Tweeting needs some research though. Learn how to tweet content that will spark replies and retweets from your followers and you will get more people following you. The other option is quick and easy. If you are on another social media platform like Facebook or instagram, post your twitter handles there and then request people to follow you.